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Ignalina region is located in the eastern Lithuania. It has always been famous for its picturesque surroundings. The region boasts to have lots of forests, more than 200 lakes and several dozens of rivers. Ignalina is a small town, which has a population of around 6000 inhabitants.

Ignalina Česlovas Kudaba Progymnasium is attended by 477 students – 13 pupils attend pre-school  education group, 230 pupils go to 1 to 4 forms, 218 pupils go to 5 to 8 forms. At Ceikiniai Department 8 pupils attend pre-school education group, 9 pupils study in joined classes.

Our Progymnasium employs 47 educational  staff. Most teachers are very experienced and have a high qualification. We have got 23 senior teachers, 14 teachers methodologists and 1 teacher expert. To satisfy pupils’ needs there are a teacher- speech therapist, a social teacher, a social worker, a prolonged working day educator,  a teacher assistant, a specialist of society health.

Our Progymnasium is provided with up-to-date means of teaching. Classrooms are equipped with computerized working places and one classroom with mobile equipment. The results of pupils’ education are stored and managed in the electronic register. The school has got an attractive educational ambience. Several prizes have been awarded in the contest of best decoration of the environment among educational institutions of the district.

42 hours of extra-curriculum activities are offered to pupils at Progymnasium. Pupils often take part in various contests, exhibitions and sports competitions both in the district and in the country. High importance is attached to healthy living, sports activities and physical education. Our young sportsmen win many prizes not only in the district but also in the country.

Progymnasium was named after Professor Česlovas Kudaba, who was a famous Lithuanian scientist and naturalist. At our school traditional events are organised in order to create our own traditions. They are Festival of School Year Beginning, ABC festival of Firstformers, Baptism of Fithformers, Teachers‘ Day, Festival of School Year End. We also organise Day of Family „Thank for the Best“. A contest of young geographers takes place every year – it is dedicated to Professor Česlovas Kudaba.

Atnaujinta: 2019-02-26